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Heavy Duty Hydrolic Paper Plate Making Machine

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   Heavy Duty Hydrolic Paper Plate Making Machine

1.Paper Plate Size: 4" to 15"
2.Thali Dies: 10" to 18"
3.Dona Dies: 4" to 8"
4.Paper Material : 80 GSM to 500 GSM
5.Production Rate: 2 Dies , Paper Plate : 3500 to 4000 Pcs/Hr
6.Power Source: 220v - 50hz.
7.Electric Motor: 2hp (HR-106/A, HR-106/B) (Single Phase/Three Phase)
8.Electric Motor: 1.5hp (HR-106/C)
9.Weight of Machine: 250Kg(Approx)
10.Fitted with Manual Operated Gear(Hand Leaver Valve)
11.Power Consumption with Heater: 2 Units/hr.
12.Oil Tank Capacity: 50 Ltrs. (HR-106/A, HR-106/B).
13.Oil Tank Capacity: 35 Ltrs. (HR-106/C)